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Ahmet F Coskun
Bernie-Marcus Early-Career Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology

I am pleased to provide a reference for Mr. Saurabh Doodhwala who has been under my tutelage and guidance as Graduate Researcher at Coskun Lab, Georgia Tech. He has been working on project work named “Comprehensive and Interactive Lab Management Platform” The main aim of work is to improvise inventory management systems of labs and minimize human efforts in daily tedious lab activities. He is playing key role in the project. He came up with first prototype of the dashboard and the work has been presented at Poster Competition at Career, Research and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC), Georgia Tech in January 2020. He is diligent and constantly works hard to improve his performance. He takes all effort to enhance his skills.

Keyur Desai
Professor at S. V. National Institute ofTechnology

It gives me immense pleasure to write testimony to the high opinion for one of my past undergraduate students Mr. Saurabh Parimal Doodhwala, whom I have known for the last five years. I found his engagement fascinating and was impressed with his presence of mind and keen interest in the subjects. He used to answer questions asked in the class with appropriate examples and understood the concepts taught in the class smoothly, indicating his high level of understanding. He is the Gold Medallist of Mechanical Engineering Department Class of 2017. This justifies his depth of knowledge and conceptual understanding. He can grasp difficult engineering concepts and elucidate them easily. He is an excellent human being and can adapt himself very well in any new environment.

Mariana de Almeida Costa
PhD. Student at Georgia Tech

I have been Saurabh’s head Teaching Assistant for the past two terms, in the Georgia Tech Online Master’s Program in Analytics (OMSA) course OMSA ISYE6644 – Simulation, and he has demonstrated great analytical skills along with the willingness to help the students and to provide them with the best learning experience. Saurabh has successfully demonstrated the ability to work on several tasks concurrently, and he has been of great help being a TA for the almost 700-student Simulation class and helping on the development of a related course in edX. Saurabh has great communication skills and has shown in-depth knowledge of the latest tools in analytics. I am convinced that Saurabh’s personal qualities along with his accomplishments so far demonstrate that he will be a great contributor to any enterprise.

Kira Pancha
CS Student at Georgia Tech

Saurabh is an excellent team lead for the lab I work in, Coskun Lab. He leads by example, keeping everyone organized and frequently sharing new research he has done. He is always eager to consider different perspectives and makes sure that everyone’s voice gets heard. Saurabh knows how to bring out the best in each individual he works with with by providing guidance and assistance while still encouraging each person to pursue their own ideas. Working with Saurabh, I feel respected not only as a student and researcher, but as a person. I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a dedicated, hardworking leader.

Aryender Singh
CS Student at Georgia Tech

I am privileged to work with Saurabh on an Interactive Lab Management Interface at Coskun Lab, Georgia Tech starting Spring 2020. Saurabh possess a variety of skills required in any professional setting including broad technical and statistical knowledge, excellent communication, an innovative mind and having goal oriented approach. As a leader, Saurabh makes sure everyone is heard, respected and dealt in the most professional and humble way and acts as the prime point of contact for the team. As a contributor, he brings innovative ideas to the table that make the software more customer oriented. I personally am very glad to have him as one of my mentors on the team and really appreciate the value that he brings to me and the team as a whole ! 

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