About Me

Saurabh Doodhwala

MS OR Student at Georgia Tech


Saurabh Doodhwala is currently a student at Georgia Tech, pursuing MS in Operations Research. Prior to this, he worked as an Operations Officer at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, an Indian Oil and Natural Gas Company. Also, he completed his bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at the one of the best public Insitution in India: NIT, Surat. He’s a keen learner, enthusiastic explorer and has a passion for bringing together and intuitive user experience with impeccable code.

Saurabh’s interest mainly lies in the field of data science, statitical analysis, industrial engineering, operations management and entrepreneurship. He has been actively working as a researcher and a teaching assistant at Tech. Through these pursuits, he has imporved his skills in course development, leadership, listening and communication.

He loves to play table tennis, cricket, chess in his free time. He has travelled to many places in USA and India. His all time favorite travelling option is a great hike in American National Parks.






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